Patrol Commander

Chief Michael Gaddis attended The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) 1981-1986 and majored in Criminal Justice. He began his Law Enforcement Career in 1986 and was employed by the State of Georgia. He attended Clayton County Regional Police Academy in 1988 and subsequently became employed with Henry County Sheriff’s Office in 1989 as a Deputy and stayed there until 1991 when Henry County Police Department was created. 

Chief Gaddis was employed with Henry County Police Department from 1991-2007 where he served in various capacities as an Officer in the Uniform Patrol Division, Captain in the Internal Affairs Division, a Major in charge of the Narcotics Division, as well as the Criminal Investigations Division. Prior to coming to Lovejoy Police Department in 2010, he was employed with Clayton County Police Department and Clayton County Sheriff’s Office.

Chief Gaddis has completed extensive training during his career and continues to obtain Leadership and Management Training to maintain the standards set within Lovejoy Police Department. He has successfully completed training programs in Criminal Investigations, Managing Criminal Investigations, Supervision Level 1-3, Leadership and Liability, Police Internal Affairs, Managing and Supervising Internal Affairs, Police Media Relations, Narcotic Supervisor Leadership Program, and Drug Unit Commander. He is also a graduate of Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police (GACP) Chief Executive Training Class.

Chief Gaddis can be reached at (678) 610-9748 or by cell at 678-898-0185. Chief Gaddis’ email is