Patrol Commander

Lt. Matt Kendrick first joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve in 1987 and later attended the Georgia State University Perimeter College in 1991 to study Political Science before beginning his career in law enforcement. 

He first began his 25-year law enforcement career as a Detention Officer and afterwards a Deputy for the Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office. In addition, he also served in various capacities as Deputy Sheriff in the Uniform Division/Jail Division. However, he later transferred to the Dekalb County Police Department where he continued to work in the following various positions: Training Officer, O.I.C., Youth and Sex Division, S.E.R.T. Team, Interview and Interrogations. Eventually, he ended his career in Dekalb County in 2006 and afterwards became a Sergeant and Training Officer at the Grantville Police Department in Coweta County.

Subsequently in 2010, he joined the Lovejoy Police Department as a Sergeant and a Training Officer over the Uniform Division. During the year 2019, he became Sergeant of the Year and thereafter in the following year of 2020, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander over the Uniform Division. 

Specifically during his second week as Lieutenant, Lt. Matt Kendrick, created the crime suppression unit known as the H.I.P.E. (Highly Intensified Patrol Enforcement) Unit. The H.I.P.E. Unit was created with the purpose to prevent crime in areas that possess high crime rates, in addition to being very visible towards enforcing traffic violators, to ensure the safety of the citizens of Lovejoy. 

Initially, the H.I.P.E. Unit set a target goal to reduce crime in the area by 25% to 30%, consequently, the H.I.P.E. Unit has exceeded its target goal by reducing 40% of crime. Ultimately, Lt. Matt Kendrick’s target goal is to continue with this progressive agenda to maintain and to keep Lovejoy a safe place for our families and children to reside in.

Lt. M. Kendrick can be reached at (678) 610-9748 or by cell at (770) 828-6500.