Community Outreach Programs

In the wake of unrest, more and more police municipalities are turning towards community outreach as a way to remind people that police are here to protect and serve. Police Officers want to keep communities safe and one way of showing they care and educating the public is through community outreach.

Lovejoy Police-community relationships are one of the most significant barriers facing police officers. This is why positive police-community relations are critical for active crime prevention, officer safety, and successful police-citizen relationships. Police agencies make efforts to connect with the general community through local meetings, police academies, and public education.

What are the goals of community outreach?

  • Increase citizen motivation to report crimes.
  • Build trust and familiarity with the community.
  • Create opportunities in which to engage community members.
  • Increase officer safety.

Achieving these goals can foster an understanding of expectations on both sides of the police officers and the community.