Lovejoy Development authority

The Lovejoy Development Authority (LDA) is Lovejoy’s economic development agency created in 2014 to generate economic development and impact for the City of Lovejoy, to promote and enhance quality of life, and drive the City’s economic success. The LDA is dedicated to becoming an asset to existing businesses as they continue to grow and expand, as well as a conduit for new businesses seeking to locate in the Lovejoy area.

The LDA’s goal is to establish a thriving business community and enriched quality of life. In an effort to stimulate city-wide economic success, a number of economic development services will be implemented in the upcoming months to assist existing business owners and attract new businesses to the City.

Mission Statement: The mission of the LDA is to generate and stimulate economic development and impact for the City of Lovejoy, to promote and enhance the quality of life within the community, and to drive its economic success.

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Small Business Resources

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