Property Tax

2023 City of Lovejoy property taxes have been released. The due date is January 30th, 2024. 

Property Tax Information

2022 Current Millage Rate


What you need to know

  • City of Lovejoy property tax bills are mailed to property owners every October
  • Payment is accepted in person at Lovejoy City Hall or by mail
  • For property tax inquiry please contact Lovejoy City Hall (770) 471-2304 or complete the request form

How to update your mailing address

  • Mailing address can be updated with Clayton County. The County will automatically update this information in the City’s digest for the next year

Forms of Payment

  • In person (Credit Card, Debit Card, Money Order, Check, and Cash)
  • By mail (Checks and Money Orders)

Applying for Property Tax Exemption 

Property Tax Exemption Application

  • The City offers a Senior Exemption and Disabled Veteran Exemption
    • Senior Exemption 
      • Must be 65 years or older
      • Reside and own the property 
      • Exemption form must be completed each year
      • Sanitation is included in the exemption 
    • Veteran Exemption 
      • Exemption should be filed with Clayton County and the City each year. 
      • Must be 100% disabled veteran 
      • Proof of 100% status provided by the VA
      • Exemption form must be completed each year 
      • Sanitation is included in the exemption 

Exemption application should be completed before July 1st of each year. 

How to Submit Payment

Be sure to list the property address and/or parcel number, and tax year for which the payment is being applied to 

By Mail 

City of Lovejoy - Property Tax Department

P.O. Box 220

Lovejoy, GA 30250

In Person 

Lovejoy City Hall 

2296 Talmadge Road

Hampton, GA 30228

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether the city must put the imposition of the millage to a vote of its citizens? 

No. OCGA § 48-5-32.1 says whenever a levying authority shall propose to adopt a millage rate which does not exceed the roll-back rate, it shall adopt that millage rate at an advertised public meeting and at a time and place which is convenient to the taxpayers of the taxing jurisdiction.

Whether the city must maintain a tax department and/or tax assessor? 

No. A tax assessor/tax department is only required if our charter required it. See OCGA 48-5-353. Our charter does not require that we maintain a tax department/assessor.

Whether the city must do its own tax assessment of a property, outside of the county’s assessment, before imposing a millage? 

No. In fact, OCGA 48-5-352 says that in determining the fair market value of property within their respective tax jurisdictions for purposes of ad valorem property taxation, municipalities shall use the fair market value finally determined for the property for county ad valorem property taxation purposes. Fair market value shall be finally determined for county ad valorem property taxation purposes when all means for administrative and judicial review of the fair market value have been exhausted or are no longer available.