City of Lovejoy Probation Services provides effective supervision of offenders under misdemeanor sentence through rehabilitation, accountability, and enforcement. This office is committed to providing quality service to Courts, offenders, and victims to promote a healthy and safe community.


To schedule or reschedule an appointment, you must speak to your assigned Probation Officer. Leaving a voicemail or sending an email does NOT constitute reporting to your probation officer and it does NOT excuse you from reporting to your probation officer.


Payments are made in person or by mail via credit card, money order or cash only.(NO PERSONAL CHECKS). Payments must be received in the Probation office by the due date. Payment can be denied based on circumstances.

Reporting address:

City of Lovejoy Probation
11627 Hastings Bridge Road
Suite A
Hampton, GA 30228

Mailing address:

2296 Talmadge Road
PO Box 220
Lovejoy, GA 30250

Probation Officer:

Steve Wright
Email Steve Wright
Office: (678) 902-9127