How Do I Pay a Ticket / Fine?

To receive information about your citation online 24 hours a day, please visit  In addition, if your citation does not require a court appearance you may pay online at The telephone number to PAY BY PHONE is 1-844-841-6218. 

Due Date

Fines are due in full prior to the court date to avoid appearance unless noted: “Must Appear”. Fines can be paid in person at the Lovejoy Police department by 12:30pm the day before the scheduled court date.

ALL Accidents REQUIRE a court appearance - If your court was cancelled due to COVID19 check here for rescheduled court dates.

Payment Options

Payment arrangements require a court appearance and are set by the judge only.


Lovejoy Police Department

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PO Box 220
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Please call (678) 610-9748 if you have any questions.