Residential Trash & Recycling Services

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Effective January 1, 2016, curbside trash service will be mandated for all single-family homes in the City of Lovejoy. This excludes mobile homes and apartments. Curbside trash service will continue with the current approved service provider, Green for Life Environmental formerly known as Waste Industries. 

The cost of this service is $168/Year ($14/Month) and will be added to the 2016 property tax bills. (To pre-pay for this service, download the Sanitation Fee Pre-Pay form (PDF). 


Sanitation service includes:

  • Weekly curbside trash pick-up
  • Bi-weekly recycling
  • Monthly Bulk Pick Up
(Backdoor service is no longer available)

 Monthly Bulk Pick-Up:
  • First Wednesday of each month
  • Each pickup must be requested – minimum 24 hr. notice
  • Maximum: 3 items (Does not include: construction debris, yard waste, or over-sized items such as hot tubs)

Changes to sanitation are being implemented for a multitude of reasons, some of the most important being fewer Code Enforcement complaints and fewer illegal dumping cases. It will also allow the City’s Probation/Community Service program to spend less time picking up trash, allowing the city to utilize their service in other areas. It will also assist in the overall beautification of the city and improved quality of life for all residents.

Curbside Recycling

  • 18 Gallon containers will be available upon request for any resident that wishes to participate in Waste Industries’ recycling program.
  • To request a container contact GFL Environmental. 
  • Pickups are bi-weekly and Waste Industries’ single stream recycling makes it easy to participate.
  • Anyone abusing the recycling program will face consequences.
  • This includes pillaging through bins sitting on the curb as well as using recycling bins for trash.
  • There is no additional cost to participate in recycling.
  • Pickup is bi-weekly on Thursdays. Lovejoy residents are "B" (Blue) pickup


Residents that wish to pre-pay sanitation fees to avoid fees being added to property tax bills have the option to do so before July 1st of each year. No late (after July 1) or partial payments will be accepted as prepayments. Payments and forms should be submitted at City Hall. Sanitation fees may still appear on tax bills; however, you will receive a receipt and stamped proof of payment. If this is the case, the payment amount may be deducted from the total amount due. You may also submit documentation to your escrow or mortgage company if necessary. Forms and payments must be submitted by July 1.

Important Facts:

  • If you have paid for service past January 1, 2016, contact Waste Industries to request a refund.
  • If you do not currently have trash service, contact Waste industries to receive a trash receptacle.
  • If you wish to participate in recycling, contact Waste Industries to request a recycle bin.
  • Seniors 65 & Older and Disabled Veterans exempt from property taxes are also exempt from sanitation fees. Exemptions must be filed each year, must be homeowner and resident at the address.