L.P.A.C.T. Neighborhood Watch

Lovejoy Police And Citizens Together (L.P.A.C.T.) Neighborhood Watch

In November of 2017, a partnership was formed between the Lovejoy Police Department (LPD) and a group of civic-minded citizens, resulting in the formation of Lovejoy Police And Citizens Together (L.P.A.C.T.).

L.P.A.C.T.'s mission is to establish good relations and interaction between the Lovejoy community and officers at LPD.

L.P.A.C.T. functions as a Neighborhood Watch, where residents and the LPD work together for the prevention and detection of criminal activity within their neighborhood.

K9 Officer and Dog with Citizens

A PACT officer is assigned to each residential neighborhood or homeowner’s association (HOA). The officer acts as a liaison and develops a relationship with the neighborhood, meeting on a regular basis to discuss concerns residents may have, and sharing safety information.

We want you to be engaged!


Meetings have been temporarily cancelled until further notice.  However, if you would like to further discuss neighborhood patrols, please contact the Uniform Patrol Commander Lt. P. McClellan.

"Want to know the best crime prevention device ever invented?  A good neighbor!"