Green Park


In the year 2008, Lovejoy was in the throes of a remarkable growth trend. Subdivisions were springing up across the city as more and more families began to move within Lovejoy's borders. This residential growth was a positive for the city but also came with some unintended consequences that needed to be addressed.

Our children had very few options for play space. As a result many of them started congregating within neighborhoods and loitering near businesses. Some parents began purchasing portable basketball courts for their children and placing them on their streets and in cul-de-sacs. This created a nuisance for many citizens and posed a danger to our children. This prompted Lovejoy's elected officials, under the leadership of new council member Tommy Green, to seek a suitable place to build a facility for youth play. Being an avid basketball player and father of an adolescent, it was a perfect fit.

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The Lovejoy Road area was becoming the population center of the city, so it made sense to locate a park near there. A vacant piece of land was found and plans were made to purchase it. Some 8 months later, this city held a grand opening for its first full service basketball facility. The park is complete with two regulation sized full courts, a youth sized court, children's play area, and restroom facilities. The city council named the facility "Green Park" to honor Councilman Tommy Green for bringing the idea to the city and his efforts in making it a reality.

Since this time, Green Park has become a hub of activity within the city for youth and adults alike. Athletic camps and basketball tournaments are planned for the near future. Green Park is located at 1999 Lovejoy Road, Lovejoy, GA 30250.


Green Park Rental Form (PDF)

For more information, contact the Community Center at (678) 479-8655 or email.